For 170° FOV Lens version:

V1.1.3 Firmware(The latest version,Release Date:2017/11/30)

Change Log: 

Improved: Better support for GitUp APP

V1.0.1 Firmware

V1.0.0 Firmware(The old version)

For 90° FOV Lens version:

v1.1.1 Firmware(The latest version,Release Date:2017/11/30)

Change Log:
1.Improved: Better support for GitUp APP
2. Improved: White Balance Updated

V1.1 Firmware 

V1.0.1 Firmware(The old version)

Change Log:

1.Added: Zoom for video, removed FOV option for video
2.Added: External Power option in system settings, removed car DVR option
3.Added: Support quick capture option in configuration file
4.Added: Continues shot for photo: hold the shutter button to take continuous photo.
5.Added: Support taking max 30000 photos
5. Added: Support using side button for ZOOM while recording
6.Fixed: Video snapshot issue in 2160P mode
7.Improved: No frame drops in 1080P 60fps mode
8.Improved: Audio sample rate upgraded to 48kHz
9.Improved: Wi-Fi transfer speed.

10. Fixed white line in photo bursting mode.

Upgrade Instructions :

  1.         Use max. 128GB card formatted by camera or on computer as FAT32
  2.         Insert card in camera and connect it to computer using USB cable
  3.         Copy just the GIT2PFW.bin on the root of the card
  4.         After GIT2FW.bin is copied to the card disconnect the camera from computer
  5.         Reconnect the camera to your computer and wait about 30 seconds until you can chose Mass Storage from camera menu, the front green LED and back red LED will be blinking while upgrading. Now you can disconnect the camera from PC and enjoy new GitUp implementations