Release Date:2017/12/29

version: Git3_V1.2_1229.7z

Change Log:

1. LED options to add the video button next to the LED control.
2. For the new App, optimize the WiFi function.
3. Compatible GMA302KU G-Sensor.
4.Gyro function could be turn or off when recording


Release Date:2017/11/29

version: Git3_V1.1_20171129

Change Log:

1.  Improved: Optimize Spanish Language

2.  Improvoed: Better support for GitUp APP.

Upgrade Instructions :

  1.         Use max. 128GB card formatted by camera or on computer as FAT32
  2.         Insert card in camera and connect it to computer using USB cable
  3.         Copy just the GIT3FW.bin on the root of the card
  4.         After GIT3FW.bin is copied to the card disconnect the camera from computer
  5.         Reconnect the camera to your computer and wait about 30 seconds until you can chose Mass Storage from camera menu, the front green LED and back red LED will be blinking while upgrading. Now you can disconnect the camera from PC and enjoy new GitUp implementations