Please download the latest Git1 firmware from below link:

Git1 V1.4 Firmware

Change log:

  • 1. Added: Contrast option for video: Normal, High, Low;
  • 2. Added: Sharpness option for video: Normal, High, Low;
  • 3. Added: Video Bit-rate options: Low, Medium, High;
  • 4. Added: Lock Actual Recording via Menu button;
  • 5. Added: Video Color options: Normal, Black&White, Sepia;
  • 6. Added: Wi-Fi Auto Start option: On/Off
  • 7. Added: Thai language;
  • 8. Improved: Once press shutter button to start/stop recording while in screen-save mode
  • 9. Improved: Front and Top LED blinking in Car DVR mode;
  • 10. Improved: Not auto start recording in Car DVR mode if no external charger plugged
  • 11. Improved: Auto delete the firmware after upgrade
  • 12. Fixed: Unmute Recording Audio issue by menu button

Below is the release history for Git1 firmware.

Earlier firmware:

1. V1.3 Firmware.

2. Version number is "GIT1_V1.20_20151013", released on 13th Oct.

3. Version number is "GIT1_V1.10_20150901", released on 1th September.

4. V1.08 version, released on 16th July.