Please download the latest F1 firmware from below link:

F1 V1.2

Change log:

  • Added: Support 4K 24fps video resolution
  • Added: G-sensor feature
  • Added: Low band 5G channel option
  • Improved: Wi-Fi stability and memory card compatibility

Upgrade Instructions :

  1.         Use max. 128GB card formatted by camera or on computer as FAT32
  2.         Insert card in camera and connect it to computer using USB cable
  3.         Copy just the FWF1.bin on the root of the card
  4.         After FWF1.bin is copied to the card disconnect the camera from computer
  5.         Restart the camera by pressing the power button. Camera will update automatically and red LED will flash during this procedure. After upgrade the firmware .bin file will be deleted automatically from the card.